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Strategic ADVISOR|

Leadership Engagement INCUBATOR|

Organizational Development STRATEGIST|


With over 20 years of Eurasia and Pan-African corporate advisory experience,

I am a seasoned board advisor, a strategic corporate governance advocate and a passionate social impact synergist.

To sustainably drive an organisation’s economic engine, anchor it’s productivity ecosystem and map the system blueprint for brand culture alignment as core corporate governance ethos are  embedded is what I bring to every table I have a seat. 


Corporate Governance| Leadership Impact| Social Investment|

One Size Should NEVER Fit ALL|


As an agile leadership curator and an adept talent incubator, I leverage the foresight of my knowledge and experiences to craft innovative solutions, challenge the status quo and propel leadership teams to drive productivity, diversity and inclusion. I have catalysed and underpinned over five hundred (500) leaders across forty (40) multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams in reengineering their strategy formulation, execution and leadership ethos through tailored multifaceted programs.

These curated agile leadership engagements span government and corporate environments. I have served regulatory authorities, United Nations Partner Agencies, Non-Government Organizations as well as  players in financial services, aviation, manufacturing, ICT, hospitality, sports and media sectors. Some include The Government of Kenya (Ministry of health| Sports Culture and Heritage), Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK), Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya (IRA), The Coca-Cola Company (CEWA), ABSA Kenya PLC, Kenya Airways, UNILEVER Kenya, HACO Tiger Brands, Serena Hotels, AFRALTI, Resolution Insurance Ltd., National Olympic Committee (NOC), Nation Media Group and Radio Africa.

The collective of my mandated engagements are consistently interlaced with intentional stakeholder management, resource optimization and deliberate global risk profiling for minimal disruption. Resultantly, these interactions catalyse an in-depth understanding of the organisation’s pulse points, informs leadership pathway mapping and facilitates leadership up-skilling for the achievement of strategic plans, stakeholder accountability and business sustainability.


As a 10 year Rotary leader, I continue to fuel the strategic planning, fundraising and execution of regional campaigns and champions charitable community projects across the East African region. 


I believe it all rises and falls on leadership, resultantly, she measures herself by the content of her character, her stability in adversity and the impact she leaves in her wake.


Socially, I enjoy a game of golf as I celebrate life's diversity and the significance that service brings.

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